Why Let Water from Cleaning Rice Go to Waste?

Before we cook the rice, we usually clean the rice with regular water once or twice. Most people, almost everyone, pour it in the drain and not giving it any interest to drink as it is full of dust and dirt. Who would care that the water they let it goes waste would have tremendously benefit to their health and their daily life. This rice water is called “Rice Milk.”

Thai eat rice as their main food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner or even in the dessert has rice as part of the main ingredient. In the past, we saved this water from cleaning the rice. So that water used to clean on the second time, we can drink for our good health.

I heard it from my mom, that people in the past boiled it and added a little bit of salt to make it a better taste to drink. Babies in a very very poor family had drink the rice milk with sugar added into it as they have no money to buy cow’s milk.

Beside the uses of it as a kind of healthy drink, rice milk can be used as part of shampoo which help with the dandruff, washing face, cleaning vegetable, washing dish, cleaning fish and get rid of its fishy smell. Other from that, it is really helpful using it to wash your slippery hands from touching clothes detergent.

The easiest way to make Rice Milk is by cooking the rice in ancient time. 🙂

How? You will only have to boil the rice. Let it boil. Rinse out the water before the rice is cooked and the water runs dry. This kind of Rice Milk is not available in the market, is it? 🙂

What we have heard a lot from the media is about germinated brown rice, or GABA-rice. This Rice Milk called V-fit made it easier. Mali, my 19 months baby girl, loves this!