Thai Food Blog Secret Post | What is Joy REALLY Like?

Here are some photos of Joy doing what she enjoys… she isn’t always making and eating delicious Thai food… sometimes, well, she has a sweet tooth… haha.

Joy drinking what I think is her 2nd favorite Thai refreshment, Cha Yen or Thai Iced Tea.

the other one is…

Joy LOVES Pepsi… she drinks it at every opportunity she gets.

Pepsi here is made in Thailand I think. It’s different from American Pepsi as it’s not the same caramel sugar base. It’s a dry sugar base that dissolves. The Pepsi isn’t thick here – it’s light… hard to explain. Joy could probably go over the nuances of the flavors, she’s had enough of it!

Last Pic…

She was out on the porch for 30 minutes or so and I popped out to see what she was doing so quietly… she was just blowing bubbles into the wind… watching them go over the chickens, over the cows… on into the back wooded area… She was so at peace… She blew them for 30 more minutes.

Ok that was your sneak peak into Joy’s life here in Thailand. She is an absolutely incredible person to know. I’m a much better guy for having met her. She’s so giving of herself to whoever needs her time or energy. She’s ego-less and great fun to be around.


More to come in the future as I guest post on her blog to say nice things about her…

Sawasdee Krup!


5 thoughts on “Thai Food Blog Secret Post | What is Joy REALLY Like?”

  1. Wow nice knowing you Joy, I just stumbled upon your blog and I am all crazy, I was planning for my visit for Chaing Mai Flower festival and I wanted to combine it into Learning more about Thai food (I cook few delicacies and there I found you

    I will add you this evening in FB, to stay connected

    Have a blessed day


  2. You have enjoyed thai food in thailand is the main thing as you have enjoyed most authentic thai food. You may find them in western world but not like thailand.

  3. I have viewed the Mekong many times from Nong Khai and Phon Phisai. I’ve mialny been sat at market restaurants and once in the Tha Sadet market in Nong Khai myself and Wi were sat there eating fish looking at the quiet waters when all of a sudden a storm brewed on the Laos side and then whoosh, it whipped across the water and battered Nong Khai for a good twenty minutes. It was awesome. The river is a big big economic source for traders on both sides of the Mekong but when I look over at Laos I can’t help but think as much as Thailand has its troubles Laos lags a long way behind in the standard of life its people live. A river that in someways divides two very different ways of life..-= Martynb4s last blog .. =-.

  4. HiHi Vern, Joy & Mali,

    Best looking family I must say and totally blessed too….
    I have ordered my 1st amulet couple of days earlier #6272…
    My best wishes to you and all at home….cheers.


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