Update: Pad Thai is Not the Problem, it’s PAD Thailand

I know some of you are a bit confused about PAD being in the news so much lately. Let me reassure you, Pad Thai did NOT take over Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. I repeat. Pad Thai, or Thai fried noodles did NOT take over any of Thailand’s airports, nor did it protest anything going on in Thailand at all.

There is Pad Thai and there is PAD Thailand. Pad Thai is the delicious, world-renowned Thai cuisine that sets your stomach straight when you get a craving for amazing Thai food and flavor.

PAD Thailand is the “People’s Alliance for Democracy” that is a political party that has, for a week and with some long-term consequences destroyed Thailand’s tourism and tarnished their image a bit. PAD Thailand’s idea is a good one, but how they went about implementing their protests was pretty hardcore and the country is still reeling from it.

Please, go back to eating pad Thai at your favorite Thai restaurant wherever in the world you happen to be. Pad Thai will do you no harm.

Here’s our world famous Pad Thai Recipe!

2 thoughts on “Update: Pad Thai is Not the Problem, it’s PAD Thailand”

  1. Oh Brilliant! I was told to stay clear from PAD everything if I knew what was good for me.

    I was told to try RED curry instead.



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