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Unauthentic Thai Food in Bangkok?

Kow Tom Moo: Rice soup with pork, ginger, scallions

I’m not sure where this Reuters article was really going with this. Let’s just say I don’t “get it”. The taste of Thai food in Bangkok is a mix from the entire country. People from all corners of Thailand move to Bangkok and create food in their own style, relating to where they are from. Southern people make a lot of curries. Northern it’s more sweet and spicy, Southern – more sour and spicy. In Isaan – my favorite, it’s just SUPER spicy.

Thai food in Bangkok is as authentic as you can get. No, it doesn’t hold the same strength of flavors as we get in the different parts of the country outside Bangkok. In Bangkok they tend to blend the Thai food a little bit mellower for the masses so people from all over the country – that are centered there in Bangkok, can all enjoy it.

The writer goes on to say that Thais are starting to eat a lot more western food. I don’t think so. I’ve been here four years and the number of times I’ve ever had a Thai person ask if we could eat western food over Thai food has been 1-2 times. Honestly I can’t remember more than once – but there had to be at least two times!

Thais eat Thai food. Thais with a lot of money in Bangkok might be eating western food – hamburgers and pizza more than other Thais around the country, but nowhere near as much as they eat Thai food.

Here’s the ridiculous article…

Thais try to revive ailing cuisine…????????

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