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I think this phrase is searched a lot because I seem to get a lot of visitors to my Thai food blog from these sorts of searches. Thai food bloggers are not really that common, and there are only a couple of other Thai women (all women) that I know doing it from here in Thailand.

I started blogging about Thai food in 2008. You can see that this is when my YouTube Channel “Joy’s Thai Food” started, and I think it was this same year we put out my first couple of Thai food cooking recipe books at Amazon and in PDF format for download.

It’s funny, but nobody knew what to price ebooks back then so we listed ours for $40 USD. Some other people were selling theirs for that much, so we thought that was the right price! It took us a few months to realize the price should be more like $9.99. We sold a lot of books at the lower price and not all that many at the higher price-point.

As you might have guessed!

When we first started blogging about Thai food cooking recipes and going to restaurants in Thailand we were living in Suratthani, Thailand. This is a province just north of Phuket and Phang Nga and south of Hua Hin and Chumpon.

My husband was teaching at a local school there and I was bored at home not doing anything. There were few jobs in Suratthani, so I started making recipe posts on the blog my husband made for me. Then I started to do cooking videos (vlogging) because I was really bored and I wanted to create something nice.

Most of my Thai food cooking videos were shot in Surat because we had a big house and huge kitchen and it looked nice for the videos.

Then we moved to Krabi a bit further south and I blogged from about five different houses we stayed in while there. Sometimes the kitchen was nice, and sometimes just a bare minimum. No matter, we got some good videos done, and the website and YouTube channel started doing well.

We had offers of interviews from the BBC in the U.K. and from some worldwide known chefs, one of whom wanted me to fly to Bangkok to compare cooking styles with him on television. I thought he was an idiot, so we turned it down. I think his name was Gordon something.

Yes, it would have probably been very good for this little blog, but I don’t like people with a big mouth. This guy had the biggest. I can’t remember his name, but he is super famous and has been for 10+ years now. Gordon something? Something like that.

In 2009 we had our first child! Our daughter Mali, came in October and I stopped Thai food blogging for years after that. The website slowed down and the YouTube channel did OK for a few years, but eventually, it all wound down and we didn’t look at it as a business any longer.

I did blog a bit during the last 10 years, but it was nothing like when I first started. Thailand bloggers came and went, and nobody really stuck with it, so I didn’t feel so bad. Now there are hundreds of women in the USA who are blogging about making Thai food, many who don’t even seem to understand what Thai food is really all about.

When our daughter was 4 years old, her grandma came from the USA to see her. It was an amazing meeting! See the video below.

We are now in March of 2021. COVID-19 has ravaged the world and yet Thailand is still doing pretty well. I’m not sure I believe all the stats about Thailand and the very low numbers of infections, but it does seem that we escaped the worst of it for now. I hope that the new strains of the virus don’t get well established here.

I worked for years with Projects Abroad in Krabi and then I finally quit about three years ago. It was stressful and I was a bit tired of the odd hours. The pay was great, but it was time to move on. Move on to what though?

Well, I tried some more blogging about Thailand food recipes but I didn’t keep going. On and off, on and off. I couldn’t get consistency going. I’m sorry!!

Then we had our second child, another lovely daughter! I can hear her screaming downstairs now to get some attention! She is just 10 months old and maybe she’ll be a child Thai food blogger as she grows up. Our older daughter wasn’t into it too much!

So now it looks like it will be another year maybe before I can get back into the kitchen and make Thai cuisine for my blog followers. I have handed over the site to hubby who is eager to write something for it.

He says he will get it going again and then I can step in and make some videos again and do just the stuff I like to do.

This will be perfect for me, and I hope he can establish me as a known Thailand blogger again in a year or so. I really enjoyed creating all the Thai food recipe videos but not writing the blogs too much. Even this I am going to have my husband go over to make sure it sounds nice.

I like speaking and talking about Thai food, but not writing about it. Maybe this will be a new chapter in our lives as we get this going again. Maybe we’ll never get it going? Who knows?

Thai mangosteen shot with a handheld mobile phone camera for a new Thai food blog about Thailand fruits.
Trying to get the photography better, and this one almost looks OK, but I think using a phone is probably not the best way to shoot Thai food for this blog. Hubby will have to get another DSLR! ©

Thank you for your support of this blog over the years. The comments I get are sometimes hilarious, sometimes critical, and all are welcome. I know some things are not like a native English speaker would say or write. I cannot help that unless hubby changes all the blogs for me. I don’t want him to go back and change 300+ Thai food blog posts.

What I say will never really change to be perfect. I’ve learned English for decades and though I know many words and sometimes my accent sounds good, my grammar is always wrong. I just can’t make my mind think in English to conjugate verbs and think about the past, present, and future tenses!

Can you forgive me for this???? 😛

So, please keep coming back to Joy’s Thai food blog to see what we have going. I never know WHEN I’ll start doing Thai food videos again, but it will be within a year I think. I’m almost sure. I have the itch again and maybe this time will make it bigger and better.

I hope to see you. I hope you stick around. I hope that you like the next 10 years of my blog better than the past 10 years!

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