Thai Sea Mussel Recipe | Hoi Dong หอยดอง

Hoi Dong (Preserved Sea Mussel)


1/2 Kg. fresh sea mussel
1 cup vinegar
1/2 cup fish sauce
1 big glass jar


1. Clean and throw away the hair part. Wash it again with clean water and leave it drain. You may put them on filter and leave it in the fridge to keep it fresh. Then let water drop into a big bowl. When the water stops running, it’s ready.

2. Put sea mussels in a glass jar container.

3. Next, mix fish sauce and vinegar together. Make the sour taste stronger than salty taste.

4. Pour it in the jar. After that seal it very well and leave in the strong sunshine for 3 days.

5. After 3 days, open the jar. If it has bad smell, please don’t eat that. The good one should not have any bad smell at all.

Preserved sea mussel can be added in Som Tum Plarah, omelet, Hoi Tod (Crispy fried sea mussel), or Yum Hoi Dong (Preserved Sea Mussel Salad) which I will tell you how to make tomorrow.

Seeing it in Tesco Lotus (grocery store in Thailand) made me drool enough.. haha. Writing its recipe will be uncontrollable for me. I can’t buy too much food :p… as I already have Pla Raad Prik to eat for dinner..


Sawasdee Ka - Joy

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  1. Hi Joy B,
    I live in Ireland and picked about 400 mussells off the west of Ireland – Irish Atlantic Coast.

    Picked them 24hrs ago andkept them in a container of sea water.
    I am cleaning the hairy bits off now but will need to preserve most of
    them for a couple of weeks.

    Whats the best way please?
    Do I cook them and then let them cool right down and then freeze them in their shell?
    Or cook and take out of shell, cool and freeze

    or should I do something else?

    Could you please advise me asap please Joy?

    Thank you very much

    Andrew from Ireland 🙂

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