Thai Kitchen First Aid (Must Have for Burns)

During my trial on the new recipe I just learned from a book, I burnt myself good with the hot vegetable oil on my arm. I was frying a piece of fish. It was a small snapper. The boiling oil was so calm when the lid was shut. As soon as I opened the lid, the oil from the fish or the water that was on it somehow fell into the pot and the oil splashed on my arm real good. I was lucky to remember covering my cute face. ^^ Ha!

Anyway, I don’t know if it is the same as in many other countries. Thai people use toothpaste for burn relief. As soon as you get burned, usually by hot water or hot oil from frying the food, or even the hot exhaust tube from the motorbike, you can use this Colgate (or SALZ in Thailand) toothpaste to help soothe the pain of the burn.

Put it on as much as you can. Make it into a thick layer on your burned skin and leave it there for an hour or at least 30 minutes. Or, until you feel the heat is not there on your burned skin anymore. All Thais who have a motorbike will have this same kind of experience and know tooth paste work great!! Everyone burns their legs on the hot exhaust pipe sometime!

My husband calls it “Thai Tatoo”!

Why Colgate? I think it has a cooling stuff and enough spiciness that will keep your mouth fresh and cool- what are they calling it? Cool mint??

Of course, as a young Thai girl, I am happy to put advanced whitening stuff on my skin. 🙂 hahaha.. I am joking! You can trust me on this. I bet it help to cure burned skin.

My husband really loves to use this tooth paste for every skin problem- Rash, pimple, burn from the sun, burn from everything. I mean… that is his specific talent. Don’t copy that. It does fix something for some reason. Ha! But I think not for everything.

Recently my husband told me about Aloe Vera and vitamin e gels. He puts that on his burned skin and says it really helps. Maybe it does help, I don’t know. I haven’t stopped using toothpaste. 😛

3 thoughts on “Thai Kitchen First Aid (Must Have for Burns)”

  1. That’s a handy trick! It’ll be a nice back up in case I’m low on flour.

    Did you know if you place a burn into some plain old flour for about ten minutes immediately after it happens, it’ll not only remove the pain, but also keep the burn from blistering or scaring. I’m a bit of a klutz in the kitchen, so I know this from personal experience. =/

    • wow! That’s so great to know another trick to relieve the burn. Thank you for sharing! :))
      Do you mean plain flour that doesn’t have to mix with water???

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