Thai Isaan Food Recipe: Ho Mok Gai Sai

Thai Isaan Food Recipe: Ho Mok Gai Sai No Mai

(Chicken and Bamboo Wrapped with Banana Leaves)


1 cup chicken or fish
5 red onions
4 tbsp. lemongrass cut finely
5 red chili peppers (as many as you like)
4 galingal pieces
1 cup basil (mang luk)
1/2 cup fermented fish juice
2 tbsp. fish sauce
2 cups bamboo
1 and 1/2 cup green leaves juice
3 tbsp. uncooked sticky rice
4 big pieces of banana leaves (12 x 7 inches)
1 cup mushroom
tooth pick (the clean one! please! 🙂

Cooking Instructions:

1. Ground onions, lemongrass, galingale, and red chili peppers together to make paste.

2. Scrape bamboo with fork. In the pot, mix chicken with the paste from above.

3. Then add shredded bamboo, mushroom, green leave juice, fermented fish juice, fish sauce and
basil. (see the pictures)

4. Turn up the side which has lighter color. Put two leaves together and turn the each soft edges to a different way.

5. Next, add stuff on the leaves and wrap it. (see how to wrap on my cooking video)

6. Stick the leaves together with toothpick.

7. Steam for 20 minutes.

This food is Thai Isaan’s favorite one. I’m so happy my husband loves it. Even when he doesn’t like the food, he ate it all and didn’t complain. 🙂 He’s so cute.

Sawasdee Ka - Joy

4 thoughts on “Thai Isaan Food Recipe: Ho Mok Gai Sai”

  1. Hor Mok Gai is my favourite dish. My Mum used to prepare it. Hers is without the bamboo shoots and more red in color. I also don’t remember that she added any basil. Will try your version!


  2. @ Kim. Galangal is asian ginger.

    this dish looks ab fab. btw, thats the difference between fermented fish juice & fish sauce? wouldnt adding both make it very very salty?

    also, how would i steam it? would it be bettter for me to buy a steam cooket rather than use my hob?


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