Thai Fruit – Dragonfruit!

In my family we eat a lot of Thai fruit. One of our favorite is the dragon fruit, also called pitaya. The exact name is, Hylocereus polyrhizus.

My husband Vern eats the most of any of us. If we go to the store and find some good ones that are ripe, he will buy two bags of them – about 12 dragon fruits!

Last night this happen with us. Today he ate three for breakfast and lunch. It is a good Thai food to diet on because the calories are not many. Maybe about 180 calories in three dragonfruit. Not bad, right?!

But he wasn’t a good boy because he ate chips. I found them in the trash. 🙁 Bad hubby!

I made him do this video to contribute to my success! haha!

Vern says the taste of dragonfruit reminds him of when he was living back in Pennsylvania as a small boy. He had mulberries on a tree in the back yard. He said the taste is very similar to that. I never have mulberries, but maybe someday. I don’t think we have them in Thailand.

Did you ever taste mulberries or dragonfruit? Both? Do they taste the same? 😛

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