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Thai Food Vegetables: Thai Basil

Thai Food Vegetables: Thai Basil

Thai Basil

This is Thai basil (Gapow in Thai)! We use this in curry, soup, stir-fry and many other dishes. One of our favorites at the house is “Gapow Moo” which is stir fried pork with onion, green beans, Thai basil and sometimes baby corn.

Our spices and herbs are always fresh. Sometimes we use dried chilis – but most of the time we use fresh everything. The markets here are full of every herb and vegetable that Thais’ use and we can find them all year. It’s really a healthy way of eating.. but, there are many pesticides on the vegetables – we must wash them very carefully… Too many pesticides all over the world I think… 🙁 🙂

Sawasdee Ka - Joy

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