Thai Food Vegetables: Fuhk Tong

Thai Food Vegetables: Fuhk Tong (Pumpkin)!

Thai Vegetables: Fuhk Tong, Pumpkin

This Thai food vegetable has a curious name to say the least… the name is “Fuhk Tong”. Yes, it sounds just like the naughty word back in English speaking countries. It is always the butt of jokes here by the expats that are living here and if I serve it for dinner for my husband and his friends there are always jokes about it. They can get endless enjoyment out of it… But, it’s a vegetable. You might call it, “Pumpkin”.

It is not the same type of pumpkin you have for Halloween, but it is a gourd nonetheless and can also be a little bit sweet – almost like a sweet potato but not that sweet.

We use this Thai food in our soups and curries and even stir fried veggies. We have certain desserts that we use it as an ingredient in also! It’s a very versatile vegetable!

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