Thai Food Recipe: Tuna and Herbs in Spicy & Sour Salad

Yum Pla Tuu Tuna and Herbs in Spicy and Sour Salad


1/2 cup tuna
1 tbsp. minced red and green chili peppers
2 tbsp. sliced lemongrass (small and thin circle)
2 tbsp. sliced ginger
2 tbsp. sliced galangal
2 tbsp. sliced galingale
2 tbsp. sliced red onion
2 tbsp. minced kaffir lime leaves
25 leaves of herb in the betel family Piperaceae
5 red chili peppers


1 tsp. minced chili pepper
1tbsp. minced coriander root
2 tbsp. fish sauce
3 tbsp. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. sugar

Cooking Instructions:

1. Mix all the sauce ingredients together in a bowl. Taste it the way you like. You may add more lemon juice if you like it very sour.

2. In another bowl, add tuna, minced chili pepper, lemongrass, ginger, galingale, galangal, kaffir lime leaves. Pour the sauce and mix well. You can skip any herbs that you think it has too strong taste of course.

3. Put lettuce on the plate. Arrange the salad and dress it with red chili peppers.

4. Serve with herb in the betel family Piperaceae on a side.

My mom used to make this recipe for us when we were young. We didn’t like herbs at all because we hate vegetable with smell and taste but this Tuna and Herbs in Spicy and Sour Salad changed our mind. We asked for more. My mom will use steamed Platuu with salt instead of tuna in a can.

I hated whenever my mom and my aunt introduced me new herb to eat. There are some kinds that I can’t make my mind to eat it yet. Anyway, I started to like more herbs since I get older.

My first aunt and my grandma were the winner of herb consumer. They told me it helped their asthma and aging. My grandma was 98 when she gone. My aunt is now 67 with no gray hair. Since she ate so many kinds of herb, she can’t tell me which one of them helps her about the hair never turn gray.

I don’t believe. I think she sneaked out to the hair salon, got her hair done and used that as a trick to make me eat more herbs.

I do believe, herbs have special essence to provide us great health but not without gray hair.


Sawasdee Ka - Joy