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Thai Food Recipe: Stir Fried Shrimp with Leguminosae (Goong Phad Cha Om)

Goong Phad Cha-Om – Stir Fry Shrimps with Leguminosae


1 cup Leguminosae

1 cup big shrimps (peeled, de-veined and soft boiled)
2 tbsp. minced garlic
2 tbsp. minced chili peppers
2 tbsp. oyster sauce
1 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. fermented soybean (you may add more if you like, just careful some bands are so salty)
1 tbsp. vegetable oil


Cooking Instructions:

1. Heat the pan, add vegetable oil and wait until it’s hot.

2. Add minced garlic and chili peppers. Stir fry until it has aromatic smell or until you sneeze. 🙂

3. Add Leguminosae, oyster sauce, fermented soybean, sugar and quick stir.

4. Next, add shrimps. Mix well and then turn off the fire.

5. Serve with jasmine rice.


I love Leguminosae. I don’t know if this is the correct word for this type of vegetable or not. So, I put a link to my previous post where I have its picture.

I had an omelet with it and found a new recipe on internet so I want to share with everyone. 🙂

Sawasdee Ka - Joy

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