Thai Food Recipe: Potash Preserved Eggs

<h2>Potash Preserved Eggs, in Thai Kai Jeauw Maa</h2>


15 Eggs from duck
200g. salt
120g. soda ash
30g. Chinese black tea
300g. lime (whitewash)
1g. zinc oxide
2 liters drinking water
3 thin stick (same length as the container’s width)


Preservation Instructions:

1. Clean the eggs very well. Leave them drain and arrange them in a closed plastic container for food.

2. Boil the water. Add lime, salt, soda ash and Chinese black tea.

3. When it’s boiling, remove from the stove and leave it cool off.

4. Next, pour it over the white cloth filter and throw away the dregs.

5. Add zinc oxide.

6. Pour it in the plastic container that we already arranged the eggs inside.

7. Use the sticks to weave inside the plastic container so the eggs will not float.

If you let it float, the eggs will be rotten.

8. Leave it outside refrigerator for 30 days.

9. After that, remove it from the plastic container. Clean them very well with water and leave it dry.

10. Mix kaolin with the paste (5:1) and use it to cover the eggs.

11. Leave it for 10 days then it will be ready.


Here it is the proof that (Kai Jeauw Maa) preservation process has nothing to do with horse’s pee. :p (from another post)

Anyway, you should be aware of too much zinc oxide amount during the preservation process. It could be dangerous when you add too much.

Other than that, please feel free to eat!!!!

Sawasdee Ka - Joy