Thai Food Recipe: Pla Grob Pad Prig

Thai Food Recipe: Grob Pad Prig

(Crispy Snakehead Fish Stir-Fry )


1 medium size snakehead fish (cut)
5 string bean (cut 1 inch)
1 tbsp. red chili paste
2 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. fish sauce
2 kaffir lime leaves (cut finely)
1 red chili pepper
1 cup sliced ginger
1 black mush room (or straw mushroom)
1 tbsp. oyster sauce
1 cup vegetable oil

Cooking Instructions:

1. Deep fry snakehead fish until it is crispy. Use medium heat and don’t stir (about 15-30 minutes). When you finish, leave it in a strainer.

2. In the pan, put 1 tbsp. vegetable oil or olive oil as you like. Add red chili paste. Add fish sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, string bean. Stir for 30 second.

3. Then, add crispy snakehead fish and kaffir lime leaves.

4. Turn off the fire. Serve with jasmine rice and put cut red chili pepper on the top.

Not often that I cook fish at home because my husband doesn’t like this kind of fish. I cooked it for lunch. If you don’t like this fish you can use snapper or tilapia. The taste will be much better.


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