Thai Food Recipe: Northern Thailand Pork Sauce (Nam Prik Ong)

Northern Thailand Pork Sauce in Thai, Nam Prik Ong


1/4 cup minced pork (cooked)
5 dried chili peppers (soaked in water)
1 tbsp. sliced lemongrass
3 tbsp. sliced red onion
5 cloves garlic
3 tbsp. fermented soybean (wash with water until it has no salty taste)
1 cup small tomatoes
2 tbsp. minced garlic
1 group coriander
2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. water
2 tbsp. vegetable oil

Prepare side vegetable, for example, cucumber, long bean, wing bean, cabbage, soft boiled vegetable, eggplants,


Cooking Instructions:

1. Finely ground peppers, lemongrass, and salt. Add red onion, garlic and then ground them very well.

2. After that, add tomatoes and cooked pork. Mix well. Remove it into a small bowl.

3. Now, add vegetable oil into the pan. Remember to used low heat. Wait until the pan is hot then add minced garlic.

4. Fry the garlic until it has aromatic smell. Add northern pork paste from number 2 into the pan and stir fry.

5. When the northern pork paste is quite dry, turn off the fire and remove it from the pan.

6. Serve with fresh vegetables as many as you like, or soft boiled vegetable will also taste very good. This pork paste will have spicy, sour and sweet from tomatoes. There’s no sugar added.


My friend at work came all the way from Chiang Rai all the way to work here in the south for almost 10 years. She is the main chef for Thai and Italian dishes at the hotel, where I work.

It was my first time for this sauce after I have heard of the name for many many years and couldn’t find anywhere to get it.

Now I can’t believe I had a chance to take this good food at the hotel.

As everyday, the staff can order whatever we want eat. This time we ran out off the ideas and there were too much fighting on choices. She ignored all the demands from us and made this recipe as a surprise!

However, before I got to eat my lunch, it was already 2 p.m. well, it was worth it!
Seem like it was better that she just cook it, rather than waiting for us to come up with the name of food we want.

Sawasdee Ka - Joy

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  1. Thanks! I had a fantastic nam prik ong when I stayed at Doi Inthanon. I tried other recipes but they were not as good as this one.

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