Thai Food Recipe: Kao Pad Nam Prig Sawan (Fried Rice & Deep Fried Crushed Fish with Chili Paste from Heaven!)

Kao Pad Nam Prig Sawan Pla Dook Foo: (Fried Rice and Deep Fried Crushed Fish with Chili Paste from Heaven)


1 cup fish meat (cooked and crushed)
1 cup steamed rice
1/4 cup carrot
2 tbsp. green bean
1 tbsp. minced garlic
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tomato (sliced)
1 cucumber (sliced)
2 tbsp. chili paste (Nam Prig Sawan, Mae Pranom Brand)


Cooking Instructions:

1. Chop the fish meat and deep fry until it turn to golden brown color and set aside.

2. In a different pan, put olive oil and wait until the pan is hot.

3. Then, Add minced garlic and fry it until it has aromatic smell.

4. Put cooked jasmine rice, carrot, green bean, chili paste (more or less as you like). Now, mix well. Turn off the fire.

5. Put crispy fried fish over top. Dress with cucumber and tomato or any kind of vegetable. Let your imagination leads you. 🙂 haha..


Nam Prig Sawan is literary mean Chili Paste from heaven. Try it then you will know why this paste came from up there! 🙂 haha..

OK OK! I will tell you now, why we called it “Chili Paste from heaven”.

This paste is less spicy. That’s all.

There is also Nam Prig Narok, which means “Chili Paste from hell”. Can you imagine how spicy it would be? Mae Pranom Brand has both of them, if you want to try.

*Read about level of spiciness in Thailand here.
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