Thai Food Recipe: Ho Mok Pla (Fish Curry Wrapped in Banana Leaf)

Ho Mok Pla – Fish Curry Wrapped in Banana Leaf

This is one of my husband’s favorite fish dishes. He told me when he eats this one, all he can think about is when he used to catch redfish in Florida and bake it. This is a good one to cook for friends coming over to your home to because it has a flavor most people like.

400 g. Fish (boneless)
1 + 1/2 cup concentrated coconut milk (The creamy part) <<< regular instant coconut milk is fine.
1-2 tbsp. Gang Ped Paste or Panang Paste (Depends on brand and the level of spiciness of each brand)
3 tbsp. fish  sauce
1 egg


2 leaves of Chinese cabbage (soft boiled and squeeze the juice out)
1 handful sweet basil
1/2 cup coriander leaves (use as topping)
1 long red chili
1 tbsp. thinly sliced kaffir lime leaves

Banana leaves (cut and make it into a small bowl shape or use small ceramic bowls, or foil cups)

Coconut Cream Dressing:

5 tbsp. Concentrate coconut milk
1 tsp. corn starch or rice flour

Because preparing the a homemade paste is such a hassle.  I learned that hassle from cooking Khanom Jeen the earlier recipe. While instant paste doesn’t make much different, only the level of freshness and its aromatic smell. I think you can easily find the instant Gang Ped Paste in any Asian market in the world though.. if not then you can also try Panang Paste.

Panang Paste is less spicy I guess… but the smell you get from it is pretty much the same.

In the south of Thailand, when you talk about spiciness, you could prepare to have your eyes watering from the first bite. Their spiciness is no joke. So, I chose the Panang instant Paste from the morning market instead of Gang Ped because I don’t want to die from spiciness gets into my vain. 😀 hehe

I just don’t get it how could southern people stands the level of spicy food. They are amazing.

Cooking Instructions:

1. Add fish, Gang Ped paste, fish sauce, coconut milk  and beat egg together. Taste it if you like. Uncooked egg is in it I know. 🙂

2. In a small banana leaves bowls, foil cups or ceramic cups, place soft boiled Chinese cabbage, some amount of sweet basil. Then scoop the mix you get from step1 on top.

3. Steam on boiling water for 20 minutes.

4. Mix coconut milk with corn starch or rice flour pour it on top on the steamed Ho Mok and cook for another 10 minutes.

5. Remove from the stove. Topping the cup with sliced long red chili and kaffir lime leaves and coriander leaves.


Sawasdee Ka - Joy

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