Thai Food Recipe: Ballerina Shrimps! (Goong Chuup Bang Tod)

Goong Chuup Bang Tod (Ballerina Shrimps)

Have you ever want your child to eat more? Today I have the recipe to increase your child’s appetite. I call it “Ballerina Shrimps”. It’s nothing like the Goong Dten (Dancing Shrimps) that are alive and jump off your plate and you have to catch them to eat them… that you saw in my cooking video. 🙂 This one is so much sweeter, prettier and friendlier.


15 big shrimps
1 instant tempura mix
65cc super cold water
Vegetable oil
Paper towel
1/2 cup wheat flour


Cooking Instructions:

1. Peel, de-vein and clean the shrimps very well. Leave the tail there because it will be easier when we take it to dip into the mixed flour.

2. Drop it into a cup of wheat flour. Roll the shrimps over it. This way will make the shrimp dry out very fast.

3. Stretch out the shrimps.

4. Now, shake out the wheat flour.

5. Heat the pot or with deep shape that way you don’t need a lot of vegetable oil.

6. Pour vegetable oil in it. Wait until the oil is hot.

7. While we’re waiting for the pan to get hot, mix cold water with Tempura flour mix.
You should use very cold water to mix with flour and fry the shrimps in the right heat level, at this point I mean heat up the vegetable oil but just don’t burn the pan. As the result, the ballerina shrimps won’t be greasy.

8. Test the pan with 1 drop of mixed tempura flour. When you see it makes a lot of bubbles, it’s ready.

9. Dip the shrimps in to tempura mixed. Make it stick the shrimp as much as possible. You may need crispy crumb to make it looks nicer.

10. Deep fry it until the ballerina shrimps turn gold. Pick it up and place on a paper towel.

11. Serve it with sweet plum sauce or ketchup.


Apply the recipe with vegetables like carrot or onion. Add 1 tbsp. vinegar will help make your fry recipes not greasy and the color turn to lovely gold. My youngest cousin loved this recipe with ketchup and sweet plum sauce, when he was 4 years old. I remembered myself with towels and mask covered my arms and face to protect me from the hot oil! Now I know that adding some small amount of salt will help vegetable oil not to splash all over the kitchen. What if it already got on your skin, we apply cool toothpaste or aloe to relieve the pain. 🙂

Sawasdee Ka - Joy