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Thai Food Late Lunch Yesterday

Joy was craving this meal for weeks, but we didn't (I didn't) want to go to the commercial restaurant. Then we found it here at my favorite restaurant.

It was 2:30pm when we realized we hadn’t eaten yet so I told Joy I want to go to my new favorite restaurant close to the park. Thai food of course.

We’ve eaten there once before and all the Thai food was good – and very reasonably priced ($1+).

Joy got Jim Jolm which was like a suki-yaki dish – we got a hot pot, vegetables (Khun Chai, Pak Bung, cabbage, scallions, sweet basil), clean cuts of beef, an egg,  glass noodles (woonsen). In Isaan where Joy is from they add more vegetables.

I got a Lahb Gai (spicy chicken uhm, like a chili almost). I really love Lahb gai, Lahb Moo (pork) or Lahp Bpla (fish).

We also got a dish of chicken fried rice that was made with a lot of black pepper – a unique way to have it that we never had before.

Joy looks happy enough!

Total cost? $6 USD. Including bottled water and Joy got a Minao Bpun (crushed ice lemon-sugar-salt) drink that I thought was great – like a margherita without the alcohol.

Jim Jolm - like a suki-yaki type dish.
Lahb Gai - a spicy Isaan style dish eaten with rice.

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