Thai Food Ingredients: Bean Sprouts (Dtoo-uh Gnohk)

Thai Food Ingredients: Bean Sprouts! (dtoo-uh gnohk)


This is a Thai food ingredient that is found in many different dishes and one that my husband loves as a favorite. Usually he eats more than a man has a right to. We always have a bag of bean sprouts in the refrigerator that takes up half of one shelf!

Every morning we eat “Gwit Diao Moo” which is a noodle soup with pork… it’s delicious – and my husband likes to have “dtoo-uh knohk yer yer!” which means – loads of them. They are not filling and they must have some sort of nutritional value – though we’re not all that concerned with that.

It’s the texture and the clean and fresh taste that one gets with eat bite! They can retain their coolness for a short time and so when they’re put into boiling gwit diao moo – it’s refreshing to bite into a bunch of them with the hot broth – and have them be a little bit cool.

Since we also eat a lot of dried red chili pepper with our gwit diao – it helps cool our mouths down too!

Sawasdee Ka - Joy