Thai Food Ingredient: Dry Red Chili

Thai Food Ingredients: Dried Red Chili Pepper!

Thai Food: Dried Red Chili Pepper

This is one of the prime ingredients and spices in so many food dishes we eat here in Thailand. Every breakfast my husband and I add this to our “Gwit Diao” pork noodle soup. Along with a dash of fish sauce it really helps to flavor the broth. We love spicy almost all the time – so eating this for breakfast is not a big deal… It’s a habit! I think this red chili might be addictive. There are many types of red chili powder that you’ll find at the market or at the Asian market in your city at home. There are different levels of spiciness too! Experiment and buy some different types until you find one that tastes good to you and is the level of spicy that you like!

Here are some Thai foods we love red chili powder in:

Gwit Diao Moo or Gai (Noodle soup with pork (moo) or chicken (gai)
Kow Tom Moo ( Rice soup with pork, some scallions, garlic and pickled radish)
Pad Thai (Spicy stir-fry noodles)
Pad Csi Iw (Stir fried thick noodles)
Kanom Jin (Noodles with curry)
Bla-Rah sauce (fermented fish/crab sauce)

And many more, but our dinner is getting cold as I write this!

Sawasdee Ka - Joy