Thai Food Information: Scent of Candle Coconut Milk

Many times, I bet that you have noticed Thai dessert has a unique scent even when you were chewing it in your mouth. A scent of candle is the answer for that. Looking close into it, the scent of candle in the coconut milk is not just the only long time secret of cooking that was transfer from generation to generation but scents of flowers as well included in the recipes.

I am going to write about the Scent of Candle Coconut Milk first. 🙂

Wait for a second!!! Scent of Candle is not a smell of smoke! 🙂 Then, How to make Scent of Candle Coconut Milk? Here’s how we do it.

Prepare: A ceramic container – must have a lid
good quality candle
small aluminum cup
coconut milk


1. Pour coconut milk in a ceramic or glass container. Do not use the plastic box or anything plastic because there’s a chance that it will catch on fire. Importantly, the plastic will absorb all the aromatic smell and mix it up with it own plastic scent and then your coconut milk will have a strange plastic smell instead of candle.

2. Light the candle and lay it on the small aluminum cup. Let the fire burn the wax a little bit. Now, float the cup on top of coconut milk. Blow the candle off. Important thing to remember, you should chase away the very black smoke which you will get as the first result after you blow the candle off. That one I call it “smoke”. what come later is a scent of candle.

After you chase away the black smoke, quickly shut the lid and leave it like that for 10-15 minutes. Then, repeat this 3 times.

If you don’t want to go through all this mess (like me), Chao Koh Brand is you solution. I don’t get any commission for advertising their product on my blog… but hey! They are really thoughtful of creating the wonderful artistic scent of Thai dessert. I have a big

This video is not showing hot to make Scent of Candle coconut milk. It is just Thai TV commercial from Chao Koh brand