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Thai Food Exports Damaged from Protests?

An amazing Thai food: Geng Som Naw Mai Dong

Hundreds of thousands of kilograms of perishable Thai food did just that, perished, as a result of the recent week-long shutdown (siege) of both the Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airports in Bangkok. This protest showed the world that Thailand’s economy is subject to the whims of protesters who have no qualms about shutting down the life force of the nation – the airports.

For a week, the People’s Alliance for Democracy held the main country’s airports in Bangkok to protest the puppet Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, acting as a stand-in for exiled ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra.

The BBC online predicted Tough Times for the Thai Economy…

“Thailand has enjoyed a growing trade in perishable food exports in recent years, and most of this goes through Bangkok, along with high value exports such as computer chips, and even a highly lucrative trade in orchids.

Although cargo flights have already been restarted, all these exports had also been brought to a halt over the past week.”

Personally, we at Joy’s Thai Food don’t see this situation as having a great effect on visitors to Thailand. Tourists will continue to come by the millions. Why do we say this? Even after the devastating tsunami in 2004 tourism in Thailand STILL grew 15% in 2005. Thailand is the hottest Asian country to visit, and will remain that way. After all…

…what country can compete with Thailand’s food?

We have the most amazing food on the planet, and that hasn’t changed. There is such diversity in Thai food – I’ve been here just four years and honestly I could have eaten some new Thai food every single day I was here if I wanted to. There must be 100 different curry dishes alone here in the south. There are still Thai fruits I haven’t tried yet, but I’m working on trying them all!

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