Thai Food Dessert: Kha-Nom Mo Gaeng (Egg Custard Pudding)

Kha-nom Mo Gaeng – Egg Custard Pudding


2 cups coconut cream
6 duck’s eggs
1 tbsp. wheat flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 and 1/4 cup palm sugar
1 cup fried onion (slice onion thinly and fried until it turn brown)


Cooking Instructions:

1. Well mix the coconut cream, palm sugar and wheat flour.

2. In a different bowl, beat duck’s eggs and then add salt.

3. Mix number 1 and 2 altogether in a pot. Then, cook it with medium heat for 5 minutes.

4. Next, move it from the pot into a bowl.

5. Put the bowl in cooking oven with 350ËšF for 35 minutes or until the surface turn to brown.

6. Top with fried onion.


Kha-nom Mo Gaeng is one of our famous Thai dessert. Maybe you have a question why Thai people choose palm sugar for all kind of food, especially when we cook Thai dessert. Palm sugar has a nice color and odor, and of course its unique taste with high cholesterol. No wonder I am getting fat!!

Note from Vern

This is a really nice dessert. I don’t eat it much because I’d also be getting fat and I try my best just to eat good food here. It is very difficult when there are so many amazing Thai desserts. When we go to the market, it’s impossible not to look at the rows and rows of delicious desserts. So, I don’t go anymore. Joy does all the shopping for food at the night market. I think sometimes she hides some of the desserts when she gets home too! Ha! I saw her do it the other night…

Sawasdee Ka - Joy