Thai Food Blog Email Marketing is a good starter company you can use to begin collecting email addresses at your Thai food blog. Why would you want to collect email addresses? Because email lists are a great way to make money from your blog over time.

If you take care of your list of contacts, you can make an income over months or even years if you go about it the right way. Think long-term, not inundating those on your list with offers every couple of days.

Set up email address contact lead collection on your website. MailChimp has detailed instructions for how to do it. You’ve already set up your WordPress website, or if you haven’t – go here to see essential information we’ve put together to help you start your own Thai food blog.

Here are all the steps if you want to start from another place…

  1. Steps to Creating Your Thai Food Blog (this page)
  2. The Basics of Thai Food Blogging
  3. How To Bring Visitors to Your Thai Food Blog
  4. 25 Solid Thai Food Photography Tips
  5. Making Money from Your Thai Food Blog
  6. Creating Food eBooks
  7. Collecting Email Addresses for Marketing (this page)

Once you are collecting email addresses, you’ll want to have an automatic “Welcome” greeting email to be hospitable to your new subscribers to your list.

The key to email marketing is to give value, give value, give value, and then ask for something. Sell something. At least 3 emails should be a generous offer of info or something else so subscribers know they’re getting value from remaining on your list. Remember, they can leave anytime they choose.

You can market your books or PDFs in emails to your contact list, or courses you create, or that others create. Learn about affiliate programs that can earn you money.

An affiliate program enables you to earn a commission on sales you initiate from your website or through email. Some programs allow email, and some don’t, so please do some research before you send out emails.