Thai Dessert: Foy Thong

Talking about what is the most expensive Thai dessert that I think available in Thailand morning market and people tend to not buying it because because they really want to save it for a very special occasion, it is Foy Thong.

Foy Thong is the most expensive Thai dessert among many other Thai dessert that available for you to choose in the market. Not talking about the high-end food store but a local market where everything you buy is lying on a concrete counter where the sellers are comforting themselves with electric ceiling fan.

And yes, you can buy this dessert for only 20 Baht! ๐Ÿ˜€

Foy Thong, was originally introduced to Thai people by the Portuguese Republic. It has the word Thong which mean gold in it, as wishing that it will bring luck and prosperous life.
You will need:
Brassรƒโ€šร‚ย  pan
1 pair of long chopstick
wooden turner

Banana leaves
white filter cloth

1000 gram sugar
1000 gram water with Jasmine essence [made it naturally by soak jasmine in the water for 1 night. Use regular water if you don’t have jasmine.]

7 eggs from chicken
7 eggs from duck
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
4 tbsp. white part that was left in the egg’s shell (or not more than 4 tbsp.)

Cooking Instructions:

1. Let’s prepare the eggs first. Separate the yolks from the white part using your hands. Do this with everyone of them. Now you get 7 yolks from chicken eggs and 7 from duck eggs. Use spoon to stir the eggs gently so it blended well together. Use the tea spoon to scratch the white part that was left in the egg’s shell and pour it in the yolk mix we got from earlier.

2. Cover a big bowl with white cloth filter. Use 2 layers is giving a better result. If you have only one piece, that’s fine too. Now pour the egg mix over the white cloth filter and squeeze it out into the bowl. Leave this aside and let’s make the syrup.

3. In a brass pan, mix the water with add sugar. Stir until you see the sugar is quite dissolved. Now, heat it with maximum heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. When you put it on the stove to heat it up, don’t stir too much or it will turn out crystal-like coating on your Foy Thong.รƒโ€šร‚ย  Whenever the sugar is completely dissolved, lower the heat down to minimum. Boil the syrup 20 minutes approximately.

4. While we wait, make the banana leave to be in cone shape. Leave a little hole at the end, so the egg mix can get through smoothly. Now, test it by pouring the egg mix into the cone. Use your finger to cover the other end first, then let it go and see if the egg mix getting through the hole smoothly. If it does going and stop in the middle, you might want to make the hole bigger or make a new cone.

So much to do right?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s take a break


5. Ok! now, looking at the syrup after you boiled for 20 minutes. The syrup must be boiling hard but only with low heat. You can tell by looking at the bubbles it makes. The smaller the bubbles are, the better.

6. Next, over top of the boiling syrup, add eggs mix into the cone and use your finger to close the end of it. Then, remove your finger and gently pour the eggs in boiling syrup. This step, you have to pour it in a circle and make it 30-40 round.

7. Let it sit in the syrup for a while and then you can use one of your chopstick to pick it up. Don’t squeeze, just insert the chopstick under the egg and then pull it of. You may want to use the chopstick to pull and swing it in the syrup first to make your Foy Thong come out neat in one flat piece.

8. Lay it on the plate and that is it!

Things to remember:
As you are making Foy Thong, the syrup will become thicker by time. You should add 1-2 tbsp. water at a time to make sure that the syrup won’t be too thick for the next round to pour the egg mix in it.

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