Thai Dessert: Durian Jam (Durian Guan)

Thai Dessert – Durian Jam – Durian Guan


1/2 kg. Ripe durian (pick the one that is very ripe)

8 tbsp. sugar

1/2 tsp. salt


Cooking Instructions:

1. Mix durian and sugar into the pan. Use low heat and stir until it gets thick.

2. Notice when you stick your finger on it, it won’t get on your finger.

The durian meat which is too ripe will have some juice that will help the jam not to get burn on the stove. Anyway, keep stirring and always use low heat.

Hard work, 🙂 you will get a big arm muscle as a benefit. :p

3. When it is ready. Leave it cool off and pack in a container.

I don’t know what to call this call of dessert as the way we cook is like western food called Jam but actually, Durian Guan is much more sticky and dry. It is how we preserve the durian that was too ripe and can not be sold. With this way we can keep it in the fridge for a long time, as for our next enjoyment. 🙂

I love this dessert so much!

Last few days, when I found it at our favorite food store, I almost jumped on it and screamed (in my mind). 🙂

I would scream louder because the price was so cheap! but I didn’t! hehe

My husband was there too, I didn’t want to embarrass him. :p

Well, 10 Baht / piece the cheapest price I have ever seen. (about 33 cents USD) If I were going to get it from the Isaan, it would be around 100 Baht?? I don’t know the exact rate but I am sure that this dessert is not the kind that you can have it everyday in my hometown.

The one that I got from the store was too brown because of it was made from a different Durian type. The best durian to make on this recipe is called Mon-Thong, the color will be yellow not dark like in this picture. The taste is like chewing gum but good thing is you can swallow it. 🙂


Note from Vern

The bad thing about it is that you need to handle the durian in your kitchen to make the jam. Durians have a smell like sulfur and spoiled eggs… and boiling broccoli. I hope you’re getting a good visual image of the faces of your family members and neighbors as you’re making this – if you’re lucky enough to find some durian in the Asian market in your town. Durians are brown and rather large – watermelon or larger size. They have spikes on the outside. Brown skin on outside… yellow on inside. The taste – is amazing. I love it – but many foreigners are turned off by the smell. Oh well, more for us!

See my next post on Durian Chips soon!

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  1. Hi. Just wondering whether we can use this guan to cook into other dishes, such as durian porridge?

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