Thai Dessert – Coconut Flavored Ice Cream (Gati Sod)

Coconut Flavored Ice-cream – Gati Sod

Thai style ice-cream has almost the same main key as the ice-cream in all around the world. We mix fruit with coconut milk, syrup, lemon juice, and salt. Put it in the freezer and blend. Then put it back in the freezer, take it out and and blend it again. Do like this many times until the ice-cream gets soft.


4 cup thickest coconut milk
3/4 cup coconut milk
3/4 cup sugar
2 gelatin
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. green noodle (optional)
1/4 cup jack fruit
1/4 cup cooked taro
1/4 cup candied palm nut
3 cup water
1/4 cup sticky rice mixed with coconut milk
1/4 cup boiled potato in syrup
1/4 cup bean with red-brown seeds
1/4 cup cut bread
1/4 cup roasted peanut

Cooking Instructions:

1. Pour 3/4 cup coconut milk in the pot. Cut gelatin in small pieces and add it into the pot.

2. Leave it until the gelatin gets soft. Now, heat it on the stove in low fire and stir until it is dissolved.

3. Remove from the stove and leave it cool off.

4. Then, in a different pot mix 4 cup thickest coconut milk with sugar and salt.

5. Put coconut milk from step 3 and 4 together in stainless pot and mix very well.

6. Put the pot in a freezer. When it is hard, blend it in the blender. After that, put in back in a stainless pot and keep it in the freezer again.

7. Do step 6 about 10 times. Blend it finely until it is soft.

Use green noodles, jack fruit, cooked taro, candied palm nut, sticky rice mixed with coconut milk, boiled potato in syrup, bean with red-brown seeds, cut bread, roasted peanut as a topping. Anything you wish!

If you have ice-cream maker machine, I bet it must be a lot easier!

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  1. Hi, I love thai coconut ice cream so much and i wish to make it, but i never try the potato in syrup, may I know how to make potato in syrup?

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