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Thai Food Recipe: Kao Yum Gai Sab!

Prepare: 7-10 sliced chicken breast All purpose flour 1 tbsp. white pepper powder 1 egg Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. sliced shallot 2 tbsp. sliced coriander and scallion 1 tsp. chilli powder 2 tbsp. fish sauce 2 tbsp. lime juice 1 tbsp. roasted and crushed uncooked rice 1 tsp. sugar (optional) 5-10 mint leaves Cooking instructions: … Read more

Thai Food Recipe – Undercover Squids! (Pla Muk Suam Goong)

Undercover Squids in Thai, Pla Muk Suam Goong Prepare: 500 g. fresh squid (clean and cut to 1½ inch)500 g. shrimp (peel, de-veined, and crush)1 carrot (cut to 1-inch pieces)1/2 cup green pea1/2 cup baby corn (cut to 1-inch pieces)1 tsp. pepper1/2 tsp. salt2 tbsp. tapioca flour2 cup vegetable oil2 tbsp. oyster sauce Cooking Instructions: … Read more

Thai Bass Fish Recipe | Deep Fried Bass (Pla Grapong Tod Nam Pla)

Deep-Fried Bass with Sweet Sauce in Thai, Pla Grapong Tod Nam Pla Prepare: 1 bass 200 ml. fish sauce 1 sour mango (sliced) 1 tbsp. palm sugar 1 tsp. coriander leave 1 tsp. minced red chili pepper Cooking Instructions: Clean the bass very well and dip it in a bowl of fish sauce. After that … Read more