Sawasdee Ka! (Hello from Joy’s Thai Food Blog in Thailand)

Sawasdee Ka!

Thai food recipe and cooking blog from Thailand. My name is Joy. Sawasdee Ka!
Sawasdee Ka! I’m Joy! This means hello in the language of my home, Thailand. Actually, it’s pronounced Sah wat dee ka. ¬©

This blog is for you to learn a little about Thai food and what it is made of, how it looks, how it tastes, and how to order it in a restaurant if you don’t have time for cooking. If you do have time to cook we will have many recipes for you to try at your home!

We will have sound files, video files, photos, and text to help you learn about many different Thai foods.

If you know about “feeds” join us with the orange feedburner link at the top right side of all pages. If not, don’t worry, just bookmark” us in your “favorites” and come back and see us often.

Thank you for visiting us…

Sawasdee Ka!
(yes, it also means goodbye!)

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  1. Coco said…

    Thanks for your great video about preparing som tam pla ra. Now i can do it myself and it even tastes great. Ok, it still tastes better on the streets of Bangkok, but for now, it’s ok. I’m really addicted to som tam.

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