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Rose Apples (Mountain Apples or, in Thai, “Chompoo”)

Rose Apples or mountain apples are called chompoo in Thai language.

Rose Apples (Mountain Apples or, in Thai, “Chompoo”)

These are one of my Thai food favorites… it’s not really just Thai food, but it’s all over Asia. I first had these “apples” when I was hiking in Hawaii. I was on a long hike and dying for something besides the water I had been carrying. I always carried about a gallon of water since I drank that much in five hours of hiking! There wasn’t much room for food.

I was hiking with a friend from the Philippines. We got to a stream and I saw these red fruits hanging on the tree – and thought that if I eat that fruit I’m probably going to hell… and I asked him what it was… he said, oh, “Mountain apple”. I said, HUH?

They were close enough to reach them. When he told me to help myself and eat until I couldn’t eat anymore – that’s exactly what I did. There’s something about trying a food for the first time when you’re over-the-edge with hunger. ANYTHING would taste good. Perhaps. But, these rose apples are incredible anyway. They are so refreshing – they have these juice cells that hold all this water. When you bite it and chew it – it is sooo refreshing – it was like jumping in a waterfall! Well, to me it was.

I’m not sure that you can find these in your Asian market. It’s likely that they wouldn’t be shipped from Asia since they are a delicate fruit and ripen very quickly. There’s a very short shelf-life on these, when they’re ripe they must be eaten quickly. They are not that sweet. The skin has this very unique flavor that I liken to “mint” of some sort… but I’m not that great with food tastes – (Joy’s husband, Vern here!)

These are a great after dinner dessert or a between courses snack – since it will clean your palate for the next course.

Ok – that’s my contribution to Joy’s Thai food blog – since she’s feeling a little ill tonight after we trekked up a waterfall this afternoon… Maybe the mosquitos, I really hope not.

Sawasdee Krup,


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