Pad Phet Sator (Sator Bean Stir-fry)

Pad Phet Sator Moo (Bean Stir Fry with Pork)

This dish is one of my husband’s favorites. He really loves the green fava beans. He said he’s never had them in America, but some ethnic groups in New York love them – so he’s heard.

This bean is from a large pod that may be 1 foot long and 3-4″ wide. They are plentiful here in Thailand. It should be available in the USA in Asian grocery stores. Here’s a great photo of it, look at 5th photo down list “stink bean” they call it. But, it really doesn’t stink! At least we don’t think so, but if you eat it you will smell for the entire day.

This bean has a delicious flavor – just a touch of sourness to it which makes it a very unique taste. As I said, my husband enjoys when I cook this recipe!

Bean Stir Fry Ingredients

minced garlic 1 tbsp.
finely cut kaffir lime leaves 1 tbsp.
3 chilis (halved, or small pieces)
green beans (tree genus parkia) 300g.
Pork (Slice it thin and big pieces) 300g
Shrimp 300g.
Panang Curry Paste 1 tsp.
Oyster sauce 2 tbsp.
Fish sauce 1 tbsp.
Soy sauce 1 tbsp
Olive oil or Soy bean oil 1-2 tbsp.
Water 1 cup

Cooking Instructions

1. Heat the pan and put 1 tbsp. of olive oil, wait until it’s hot. Then, put minced garlic and chilis into a hot pan.

2. When the garlic smells nice, add pork and cook until it’s well done (5-8 minutes, or longer if you prefer)

3. You can pour in some water when the pan is getting too dry.

4. Put Panang curry paste, fish sauce, soy sauce, and oyster sauce in it and stir fry until they are all mixed.

5. Add shrimp and beans, cook for 2 minutes using medium heat.

6. Turn off the fire, throw in finely cut kaffir lime leaves and mixed together.

7. Serve on top of jasmine rice.


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3 thoughts on “Pad Phet Sator (Sator Bean Stir-fry)”

  1. Dorrie said…


    I love this dish, and I enjoyed the video a lot. The “nick-name” of these sator beans are “stinky beans”, therefor you better share this dish with your partner. Otherwise he could stay away from you for a while 😉

    Greetings from Germany,


  2. Joy said…

    Haha did you try eating it raw too? 🙂 we love to eat like that too. It has stronger smell when it’s raw.

    I’m lucky my husband enjoyed all the food I cooked, so I can get to eat most of the recipes I like. 🙂 hehe

    June 12, 2007 3:20 AM

  3. Hi Joy…I’m from Indonesia and I love thai food. I’m just wondering, do I need to put sugar on it?, since I haven’t seen any sugar on the recipe. If so, what kind of sugar is it? Palm or white? I’m looking forward for your response. Thanks 🙂

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