Our Cook is on Vacation for New Years!

Our Thai Food Cook, Joy is on Vacation for New Years!

Our blogger and world class chef here at Joy’s Thai Food Blog – Joy, went back to see her parents in the northeastern part of Thailand (Esarn, or Isaan) for the New Year’s break! She is safe and has not been affected by the bombs that went off on New Year’s eve in Bangkok.

She was to return on this Friday but I called her today and told her to stay there for another week until things calm down with these bombings. The current prime minister expects even MORE bombing in the near future.

Supposedly they are convinced that this is NOT the work of Muslim insurgents from the Southern provinces and instead they think that these are upset folks from the coup – and sympathizers with the previous ruling political party, TRT.

Anyway, Joy is filming some video of her home and the cows and chickens and dogs so we’ll get that up on the site for you to see as soon as she returns safely.

I should be posting some other recipes that we have here and putting a video on there of things that we’ve eaten for dinner and lunch… sure, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR’S HOLIDAY and 2020 – start if off right with some good resolutions and some excellent Thai food cooking! Or, you could treat yourself and find the best Thai restaurant in town!

Sawasdee Dee Krup,