Order Your Cab Moo from Thailand – Ship Direct to Your Home

NAME OF PRODUCT: Cab Moo (Fried Pig’s Skin – Non Fat)

Weight: 500 Grams (1.1 lb)

Price: $44 USD (Including shipping to US, CA, UK, DE, AU, and more – ask)
Please send an email to find out the shipping cost to your country and for more information about customs rules.

Shipping Information:
I am using the Thailand post service to ship this product to your home. This may take up to 1 month until the package arrives depending on the type of mailing. Please also check your country’s customs rules in order to import food or a product made from pigs.

Payment Information:
1. Make your payment through PayPal to NouLovic@gmail.com
2. Bank transfer and Western Union (Please discuss this option by e-mail)

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  1. Cab Moo ! What a delicious thai food 🙂 I live in Bnagkok and I like to eat Cab Moo so much 🙂 But I thought it was fat … Is it really non fat ??

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