Not Sure Where Your Blog is Going? Maybe a Plan is in Order…

I started this blog a couple years ago and it’s gone pretty well for Joy – I was just figuring out the whole blogging scene and have created about 25 blogs over these last 3 years. Learning everything wasn’t difficult. Finding everything to learn – was difficult.

3 years ago there wasn’t a great guide to get us started – we were flying blind.

If you’re flying blind now and need a plan for how to go about growing your blog into something that provides you with some income – there is an amazing resource available to you now.

I’ve recently purchased Darren’s Rowse’s, “31 Days to Building a Better Blog” and found it A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Darren is seen as the number 1 blogging expert in the world. He’s written 5,000 articles for his blogs and he currently makes a couple million dollars a year as a result of his blog. He is very personable and easy to understand. He speaks simply and this workbook he created is something you shouldn’t miss.

I found it immensely helpful and I thought I knew it all.

This guide outlines a realistic 31 day program that will tighten up your blog and help get you on the right track.
There are a lot of “wrong tracks” – and I’ve been off-track a number of times over the years. This guide will give you the right plan for the your blog and you’ll accomplish amazing things in 31 days. It’s guaranteed that you’ll get a lot out of it.

I learned a LOT. I know you will learn a LOT too while going through the program.

Give it a shot!

Darren’s workbook is available here >

or, click the image below to see a lot more about this amazing resource…

31 Days to Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse

[Disclosure – I’ve purchased this guide myself and reviewed it. I’ve found it extremely helpful for me – and so I know you’ll get a lot of out of it too. Joy will make a small commission from the sales of Darren’s guide. ]