New Thai Amulet Inventory – Perfect Gifts!

Recently we did a big upgrade at and added over 200 Buddha and other Buddhist amulets like Kwan Yin, Ganesh, Luang Phor Tuad (famous Thai monk), Nong Kwak, Nawagote, Garuda, and others.

If you have Buddhist friends these amulets make ideal gifts for birthdays (See Birthday Buddha Amulets), graduation, weddings, or just friendship and to say hi. They are not priced outrageously – we kept the price down so we could share more of the amulets with people across the world.

Here are the main Thai amulet sections you can browse:

90+ Buddha Amulets – Gold, silver, bronze, brass, copper, clay and stone Thai Buddhas to choose from.

30+ Ganesh Amulets (Hindu elephant – god of obstacles, placing and removing) -> Ganesh is the placer of and remover of obstacles in life. Sometimes Ganesh places an obstacle so the person learns something. Some Hindus and Buddhists pray to Ganesh before everything they do that they want to go smoothly.

20+ Kwan Yin Amulets (goddess of compassion) -> Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion. She has many followers in Thailand and at Chinese-Thai temples you can always see a statue (usually large) of Kwan Yin either with two hands – in a dress, or with the thousand-arm pose that she is famous for.

Luang Phor Tuad Amulets -> Luang Phor Tuad is known for amazing works. Once while sailing on a vessel and the occupants were thirsty – as in dying of thirst, he put his foot into the salt water and turned it to freshwater so they could drink.

All 40+ Other Buddhist Amulets -> Mostly Thai monk amulets, but there are wasps, spiders, Chu Chok, good luck, protection amulets and lots of other cool amulets to look at.

Buddhist Bracelet Inventory -> Colorful green/white, blue/white, yellow/white, orange/yellow etc – adjustable one-size fits all Buddhist bracelets for cheap rates in bulk. We also have baby bracelets for extra small wrists.

Yant Cloth or Yant Flag Inventory -> Thai Monk images are on these yant flags. Some yants are for protection and good health… others, just to show respect to the monk on the yant. Luang Phor Klai, Aj. Jumnien, Luang Phor Tuad, Ganesh, Nong Kwak (business prosperity)

Even if you’re not Buddhist there are some amazing Thai jewelery pieces at this site that you should have a look at. Maybe just for the experience?


🙂 Joy