My Favorite Thai Food Meals!

My Favorite Thai Food Meals!

I thought I’d write today about my favorite Thai food.

Unfortunately my wife is on holiday in Isaan and won’t be back until this Saturday. But, I’ll write it now and we’ll edit it to add the Thai names of the food later.

One meal I like at a Thai food restaurant is: Yum Woon Sen. This is a spicy noodle salad with clear rice noodles, cut tomatoes, onions, scallions, chilis, some garlic and some round small things that resemble garlic cloves but that are a little bit sweet. I must have my wife give me the name and I’ll put it here if I remember.

Yum Woon Sen is spicy because it’s wet. The wet foods are more spicy because they build up on your tongue easier for some reason, soon reaching a level of “inferno” here in Thailand. In Isaan, land of the super-spicy food I would ask for Pedt Podee or, spicy “just right”. In Isaan this means it will STILL start a small fire in your mouth, but I was able to finish it most times.

Usually cucumber is served with this dish – and the cucumber slices help to reduce the amount of burn in your mouth. The Indian food restaurants I’ve eaten at have “Lassi” – which is a yogurt mixture with cucumber pieces that also helps calm the mouth.

Another of my all-time favorite Thai foods is called, “Gai Yang!” (guy yang) This is just barbequed chicken on a stick. Many people sell this all over Isaan, and though I can find this food in the restaurants and food stalls here, it’s NOT as plentiful or as delicious as in Isaan. But, alas, nothing IS!

Guy Yang is eaten alone, with rice and bla-la (fermented fish paste) and/or with my favorite dish of all time – Som Tam! Som tam is one of the recipes we already have listed in this blog. It is very simple – and yet I love it to death. Really, I hinted that it might be addictive… but, without a doubt there is no RATIONAL explanation for why I crave it like I do… It IS ADDICTIVE.

The last meal that I’ll mention is “Tom Yum” soup. It comes in many varieties… I like the clear broth or the coconut milk broth. Though the latter seems to be spicier for some reason. Both are delicious. We will have the Thai food video and recipe listed for this very soon because she makes it so often…

I hope that gave you an idea for something to try at the restaurants. I left out some of my other favorites that I can’t remember the name for! That will be another post – after Saturday when my translator (wife) gets home!

Ok, have a great day…

Joy’s Husband

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Thai Food Meals!”

  1. hongthaimee said…

    Glad to know that there is another Thai Food Fan out there. Too bad that you can’t find much of Yum Wun Sen in restuarnt in the US.
    Jarern AAharn Na Ka!

  2. TryThai! said…

    You can’t? I lived in FLorida and we had so many Thai places to eat… I had yum woon sen at one place and it was good! I think the owner made it for the employees and one of them gave me some once. I started ordering it! Are you Thai? Where are you from? Thanks for writing… 🙂

    January 4, 2007 9:32 PM

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