Make Some Extra Shopping Money? (oops, didn’t work)

Hello Everyone,

A small break from Thai food today…

My friend just told me about this internet opportunity that is similar to MLM but there is nothing to buy. I thought I’d post it to Try Thai Food since it could turn out to really be something later. I joined this morning because my friend convinced me there is no “catch”.

Even pro bloggers making more than $30,000 per month have signed up for it. They pay you to surf the web. Well, AS you surf the web. Don’t do anything differently. Just install toolbar (not available yet) and then ask others to sign up using your referral code – given after signing up. When you sign up others under you – they too will earn cash while they are online – and you’ll earn referral/commission from them.

Ask your friends to sign up under you because you even make some bonus cash from their surfing… I am telling everyone I know about it. The big guys in blogging think this is potentially very big news if it works. It could be larger than AOL in terms of size / money.

In a year or so there could be serious income potential – for doing NOTHING. You will probably just forget you did it and then in a few months they’ll contact you with a check.

Nobody is sure how much could be made, depends on many things..

It’s very straight forward… no purchases required and nothing lost if you sign up and later don’t receive any cash.

Read about it – then join. This isn’t multilevel marketing. This is different and has big potential. Since there’s nothing to buy or convince your friends to buy it should be a no-brainer just signing up. I’ve read their privacy statement and it is solid.

The link is below…

Sawasdee Ka - Joy
Update – it was a scam! Nothing came of the entire project and we received an email saying that it never got off the ground. Very strange. Ok, that’s it – never again will I believe any hype!

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