Joy’s Thai Food Tips #3: Keeping Straw Mushrooms

Straw mushrooms tend to spoil quickly – about one day.

If you boil them with salty water and then freeze them they will keep until next time you want to use them. No, they won’t be as tasty, but they will be unspoiled!

Most Asian markets in the USA, Europe and elsewhere have straw mushrooms in vacuum sealed cans that you can buy.

3 thoughts on “Joy’s Thai Food Tips #3: Keeping Straw Mushrooms”

  1. Hello! Do you have vegan versions of your recipes? I am especially interested in a vegan recipe for Thai coconut soup and peanut pad thai. Thank you!!

    • To make it vegan.. you mean no use of product from animal at all or eggs and fish sauce are ok?
      I guess you can skip the meat part then keep everything else the same. 🙂

  2. I just discovered your wbtisee and I absolutely LOVE it! I teach a children\’s cooking class in Lewes, Delaware and I integrate fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables into each recipe. I am so excited to give your child-friendly recipes a try. Thanks so much! p.s. the video was adorable

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