Top 5 Strange Thai Foods We Love!

Most people think Thai food is very healthy because in one dish you will get all kinds of food nutrients, vitamins from vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates from the main ingredients, meat, and rice. If I ever thought about the unhealthiest or strangest foods we have here, I would think of these five. The thing is, … Read more

Bua Loy Fuhk Tong (Sweet Thai Pumpkin Dessert)

Thai Buay Loy dessert with pumpkin, one of Thailand's favorite snacks after eating a meal.

Pumpkin Dessert, in Thai, Bua Loy Fuhk Tong Sweet Pumpkin Dessert Preparation Pumpkin – 1 cup of steamed or boiled mashed pumpkin. It’s so much better if it is already sweet and soft.Tapioca – 1 cup.Palm Sugar – 1/4 cup. If you cannot find palm sugar, you can substitute more white sugar or honey. Palm … Read more

Tom Yum Gai (Spicy Tom Yum Chicken Soup)

Tom yum gai soup - chicken Tom Yum spicy soup.

Tom Yum Gai – Spicy Thai Chicken Soup If you’re looking for Tom Yum Goong (Shrimp) It’s here > Tom Yum Ingredients Preparation 1/2 pound Chicken Breast1 cup straw Mushrooms1 cup Water1 Lemongrass (cut 2 inches)4-6 Kaffir Lime leaves3 small Red Onions cut into quarters2 medium to large Tomatoes2 pieces Galangal2 tbsp. Fish Sauce4 tbsp. … Read more

Spicy Lemongrass Salad with Cashews (Yum Ta Krai)

Thai lemongrass spicy salad is a truly authentic traditional Thai dish.

This is a truly authentic traditional Thai dish that few foreigners eat because it’s so simple. It pulls in some of the classic Thai tastes that people in Thailand love and they don’t need anything more once they taste it. There is always some major ingredient like shrimp, chicken, or pork in it so that’s … Read more

What Do Kids Eat for Lunch in a Thailand Government School?

What do children in Thai government (public) schools eat for lunch? Here is an example.

As a parent, you might wonder what your children are eating for lunch at a Thailand government school. We’ve always had our daughter in a private school, but there too – we wondered, what Thai food is she eating on a daily basis? Some days she would come home happy with the selection the school … Read more

Thai Stewed Chicken w/ Shitake Mushrooms (Quick – Easy!)

A somewhat rare Thai food, chicken with Shitake mushrooms.

Stewed Chicken with Shitake Mushrooms (Gai Toon Manao Dong Sai Hed Hom) Prepare Ingredients for Stewed Chicken with Shitake Here is a simple recipe for Thai Stewed Chicken with Shiitake Mushrooms that I was making as a teenager in Yasothon, Thailand in the Northeast area of Thailand. My aunts taught me how to make this … Read more