Joy’s Thai Food About to Expand?

We are considering an expansion of Joy’s Thai Food in a big way. Not sure it will happen or not, as there are other ideas to evaluate as well. We have a couple of million page views here already, and over a million views of our recipes at It just seems natural to keep going and see what can become of this…

Lately we’ve had a lot of requests from magazines, online video companies, online food companies, cookbooks, newspapers, and all sorts of different people – asking if we can do interviews. We really can’t! We just have no time at the moment. Maybe that will change though with the next couple of months. Let’s see what happens.

If you have a food blog and you want to link up with us – here’s how…

1. Link to from somewhere on your site – use this code:

Thai Food Recipes by Joy! – Joy cooks Thai food from Thailand and tells you how.

2. Email us to tell us where you put the link to JoysThaiFood

3. Tell us what your website is and what text you want to describe your site – one line. We’ll put it up on our page too and tell you where it is.

We are looking to link up with other Thai food blogs, and other ethnic food sites.

Ok – link to us!

🙂 Joy