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Joy Returning to Joy’s Thai Food Blog Full-time?

It’s a possibility. We’ve been kicking the idea around. If it happens it will be in about 4 months. We’ll have to get her setup with a decent kitchen and everything she requires. If you didn’t know – we’ve been living like poor Thais for the last 2 years and she hasn’t shot much video or done many recipes with photos while she’s been cooking in the house in one pot on the weekends.

It’s so amazing to me that she can cook the most incredible Thai food on the floor in one pot. She’ll make 3 things in that pot and all of them are perfect! How does she do it??

So, it’s possible that she’s coming back full time. I’d love her to as that means I’ll be eating amazing Thai food every day of my life and I’ll likely get fat again.

I’ll exercise a lot this time.

Will keep you posted on Joy’s return or not…

Best of life!


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