Thai Food Recipe Blog for Sale

Greetings! We are selling right now! (Oct 2023) for just $7,900.

If you have thought about buying a Thai food site with links from many good resources, this might be a good match for you.

Highlights (Sale Includes)

  • – Domain registered in 2008. We have owned it the entire time – 15 years.
  • Content on Joy’s Thai Food – 331 posts and pages of content already done for you. 86,000 words.
  • 18,000 Inbound Links from PR 90+, 80+, 70+, 60+ etc. websites. Check our backlink profile at AHREFS, we have had a lot of links over the years. This could help you link out to one (or more) of your sites to crank them up in Google. We have 300 inbound links over PA (page authority) score of 40.
  • YouTube Channel – We have a YouTube channel that started in 2007 with some of our videos that has 4,191,000+ views, 14,300 subscribers, and 71 videos. This can transfer with the sale of the website if you make the sale contingent on it. Joy would like to keep the channel, but as long as we have copies of the videos, I think she’s fine with that.
  • Facebook Page – We have Joy’s Thai Food FB page with 3,700+ followers.
  • Instagram – We have 104 photos/videos posted and 424 followers.
  • Pinterest – We have a Pinterest page but have not put much time into it.
  • EBooks – We have 2 eBooks we created years ago that you can have the full rights to. We have not sold them recently. The information is evergreen, and you can just revise the formatting (MS Word Doc) and sell them again. Or, give away for free to build up your email list.
  • Logo and color scheme
  • Images – we have taken hundreds of Thai food images over the years. You can have all commercial rights for them and are free to sell the site and transfer the rights as you wish.

Watch this Video to find out all the details of the site and to give you all the information you need to decide on it.


We are selling for $7,900 which is less than the selling price minus commission on and some other websites. If you buy here directly, you can save some money because we won’t need to pay a 10% fee to a broker.

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