Eating at Outdoor Thai Food Restaurant

In Thailand of course!

Nice atmosphere can be found at many Thai restaurants that would cost a lot of money to find in the USA or elsewhere.

It was a special night out for, what else? Thai food!

We rode around town and looked for a place we hadn’t eaten at yet. Then I remembered a place on a hill within a kilometer of where we live. We pulled up to the large open-air pavilion which I thought was “it”. When we were looking for a place to sit down Joy noticed a very large area filled with bamboo huts down by some small ponds. JACKPOT!

We walked down the hill. There were only two other groups eating and it was very quiet. The mosquitoes were at “level insanity” so we asked them to light “the coil” and that brought an end to the skeeters.

Fried rice with squid, morning glory with garlic, fried rice with everything (Joys)

We ordered kow padt Pla Meuk (fried rice with squid) for me and Joy ordered kow pad nam prig long reu-uh (fried rice with special made chili sauce, dried shrimp, side veggies, salted egg, and fried chicken. No, Joy wasn’t eating for 2 or 3, it didn’t amount to more than my fried rice in volume. Then, we got my favorite for a vegetable – Pad pak boong – stir fried morning glory with chilis and garlic. YUM.

We topped it off with Pepsi and a bucket of ice.

We chose one of the bamboo huts without chairs – it’s just a sit on the raised floor type hut. We could see the mosquitoes easier that way and it’s easier for Joy to have a nap after dinner too. Isn’t she the cutest…? HA! She doesn’t know I put this photo on here – she’ll make me take it down if she sees it – so enjoy while you can.

A really cozy place. The food was quite good too.

Thai food is really the best food on the planet. Thai food in Thailand? Well, I don’t have to tell you – is amazing. I’ve lived on it for four years straight now -with only the occasional pizza from in town because it’s so prohibitively expensive! This whole meal, with ambience was just 185 baht – about $5 USD. That’s expensive considering how much dinner usually costs – just 75-80 baht for both of us. So tonight we splurged on upscale Thai food dining. Tomorrow? Back tot he 80 baht dinners – which are almost as good, but lack the atmosphere.

In Thailand it is quite OK to fall asleep after your meal in one of these bamboo huts. The ones that float on the river are even better. We have some photos from that type of hut while we were in Isaan (northeast Thailand) that I will have to find sometime to share here...

When are you coming to Thailand?

2 thoughts on “Eating at Outdoor Thai Food Restaurant”

  1. Excellent read mate and I love to eat at places like this, when Noot doesn’t cook. She cooks so well and I eat too much. The river huts are great and so cheap. You can spend hours there, eat heaps and cost for ten people under 1,000 Baht. A bargain.

  2. I know the one on the water in Ubon – man that’s great. It’s cool, and the ladies come on canoes to offer fried bugs of all sorts! There’s always some Thai guys with guitar and singing badly – but, the good with the bad you know? haha! Can’t wait to get back up to the northeast. We’re thinking possibly Yasothon. Need to plan something here in the next couple weeks.

    I’m glad Noot cooks well too. We have it SO good. In the USA I never had a girlfriend that cooked well. Or, often. So – I’m in heaven here in Thailand. Good luck up there – maybe see you next year sometime. lol…

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