Creating Thai Food EBooks and Paperback Books to Sell

One way of increasing your income for any food blog you start is to offer your own ebook or paperback book of Thai food recipes.

We’ll outline the best way to get started with this below. Keep in mind, there isn’t any rocket science to this. And, there are alternatives that exist if you think it is beyond you, or just not something you want to put the time into to learn. We put the alternatives at the bottom of this page.

Here are all the steps if you want to start from another place.

  1. Steps to Creating Your Thai Food Blog
  2. The Basics of Thai Food Blogging
  3. How To Bring Visitors to Your Thai Food Blog
  4. 25 Solid Thai Food Photography Tips
  5. Making Money from Your Thai Food Blog
  6. Creating Food eBooks (this page)
  7. Collecting Email Addresses for Marketing

Writing Books for Publishing at Amazon

It’s a good idea to start with publishing at Amazon. You create a manuscript and you can easily publish digital copies and paperback copies in a very short time. Once your book is written and edited, it may take just two days. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Write Your Book in Microsoft Word

Have a look at to check formatting requirements before getting started. It will make your life easier and cut down on post-manuscript formatting.

Write your book in MS Word. Don’t go crazy. 20,000 words is plenty for a recipe book. Even 15,000. Don’t just write recipes, but take your own images if you can. Add interesting personal elements to your book to give it some personality. Don’t just write a recipe book with only that.

Hire a cover designer for less than $300 USD. Don’t do the cover yourself, even if you think you probably can. You can’t make it professional enough.

Head over to to publish your book. You’ll be able to add a payment option – check or direct deposit if you’re in the USA or some of the other approved countries.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your first book will NOT be perfect. It’s a real skill to create a great book and it might take you a few tries to have something that sells well enough to provide you some extra income or replace your day job.

Alternative Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

If you don’t want to create a full recipe book full of your most delicious Thai food meals, you might just make a quick PDF of your best 5 or 10 dishes and release it for a couple of dollars. Even a $2 PDF can make a lot of money when a couple of thousand people buy it.

This is also a great way to test the water and see how well a book you made is received and purchased by visitors to your website. Even if you don’t do all of the above, you really should at least do this.

Create your “Best Of” PDF by starting in Microsoft Word. Add photos and formatting that you love and ‘save as’ a PDF file in addition to making backups in MS Word format.

If you think orders will come in slowly, you can just add your PayPal address to a page featuring your PDF and ask for $2 to be sent to you through that payment system. Remind buyers to send you an email to let you know they purchased your guide and give you a way to attach the PDF to an email you send them.

This is a good way to get started small. You can always build from here, right?