Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Thai Food Blog Business

Blog software WordPress is the best food blogging software available.

There are free WordPress themes available for you as a Thai food blogger. When you log in to your WordPress account you can go to Appearance | Themes and choose one of those.

NOTE – If you don’t have Blog Hosting – you must get that first before you do anything with WordPress. We strongly recommend you go straight to and get their $3.95 per month hosting account for your website.

OK! You have your web hosting account and ready to go!

Why Is It Better to Buy a Premium Theme?

1. These themes are a top priority for the developers because maintaining them, and updating them for customers makes good business sense. Free themes are often left to fall apart as developers have no time to keep them updated.

2. They are full of some great functionality that free themes never have. Especially recently, there are some absolutely amazing themes in terms of how they can empower you as a food blogger.

Which Are the Best Themes?

These are the themes that we have researched and that have our strongest recommendation. There are dozens of themes that claim to be appropriate for food blogs. We chose based on a number of characteristics. We looked at the demo. We looked at the functionality. We looked at Mobile Usability – responsiveness.

We looked at the price. We looked at the developers and other themes they’ve done. We searched the web to see if anyone was loudly claiming anything negative about the themes or the developer. Some of these themes we have used in the past (Thesis, Enfold, and some of WooThemes themes).

The Best Thai Food Blog Themes (in our opinion!)

1. Thesis. Currently, we are using this Thesis theme by DIYThemes. It is tried and true. This theme is world-famous. It’s fast, it is optimized for speed, simplicity, and readability. This is probably the most readable theme on the market.

2. Enfold.ย This one blew us away when we first saw it, and we may yet move over to try it. We are currently testing it on some of our other sites and we love what we see. The functionality is through the roof with this theme. You can do things you never could before.

The level of customization out of the box is just awesome. Because there are so many things you can control and customize with this theme, we recommend it for those of you who are already familiar with blogging and some basic design work. There are hundreds of things you can tweak, and it would probably be overwhelming for beginners.

3. Generate Press. This one we’ve been using on this blog for over a year and it’s quite good. It loads fast and doesn’t have any hiccups. It is very easily customizable and doesn’t require much to get started. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You can always hire a designer to make it really so much more functional too!

This is our top pick for WordPress Themes for new bloggers. Try it and see how it goes. It’s free!

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