What to Eat for Breakfast in Southern Thailand?

What to Eat for Breakfast in Thailand? Actually, this is Southern Thailand – so the foods are available here – but you’ll really have to look for them in exactly this form in Northeast or Northern Thailand. Bangkok should have these readily available. Finding the right food to eat when you’re visiting Thailand can be … Read more

Best Thai Food in the USA?

There are many ideas about what constitutes the best Thai food in the USA. After a bit of research this morning I think one definite candidate for the best Thai food in the United States is this restaurant in LA. called, Renu Nakorn. Apparently, they make excellent Northern and Northeastern (Isaan) Thai food to die … Read more

Beware: The Truth About Bangkok’s Watered-Down Thai Food

Pad phet sator gai - stir-fried chicken with green sator beans and vegetables.

I just saw something at Reuters that seemed ridiculous. I’m not sure where this Reuters article was really going with this. Let’s just say I don’t “get it”. The taste of Thai food in Bangkok is a mix from the entire country. People from all corners of Thailand move to Bangkok and create food in … Read more

Thai Food – Cho Muang

Cho Muang Prepare: 1/2 cup minced chicken 6 tbsp. minced onion 2 tbsp. minced coriander root 5 tbsp. minced garlic 2 tbsp. pepper 2 tbsp. palm sugar 2 tbsp. fish sauce 1 tbsp. olive oil 1/2 cup fried garlic   Flour: 10 g. glutinous rice flour 110g. rice flour 10 g. tapioca flour 10 g. … Read more

Thai Food Recipe: Khanom Jeen (Fish Curry with Rice Vermicelli)

Prepare Paste Ingredients:1/2 cup Shallot1/2 cup Garlic1/2 cup Galingale1/2 cup Kaffir lime skin1/2 cup Big and dried red chili1/2 cup lemongrass Curry Ingredients:2 cups Thick coconut milk or regular 250 ml coconut milk1 cup fish (throw out bones and skin)1 cup meat balls (made of fish)1 tbsp. vegetable oil5 tbsp. fish sauce5-8 Kaffir lime leaves1 cup stock1 tbsp. vegetable … Read more