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A Little History About Thailand – and Thai Food Facts

A Little Bit About Thailand! History Thailand was called Siam starting in 1939. Thailand as a country has never been colonized by a foreign nation unlike Laos, Cambodia and other Asian countries. Thailand’s culture, politics, economics and social aspects have all changed in a great procession of steps. Thailand’s development started in the 13th century. … Read more

Epicurious or Epi-spurious? Is Peruvian the New Thai Food?

Do the Peruvians use Fava Beans like Thais do? I bet not! What a joke. At least I thought it was until I read the article at the source. The clueless folks at, no, I didn’t know who they were either before they started making a lame name for themselves… came up with the … Read more

Joys Top 5 Thai Food Specialty Recipes!

Joy’s Top 5 Thai Food Specialty Recipes from Thailand! \(^v^)/ From Joy’s TryThaiFood Blog 5. Gang Som Naw Mai Dong (Spicy Bamboo Soup) with photo! 4. Yum WoonSen (Glass Noodle Spicy Salad) with photo! 3. Gang Som Goong Kai Cha-Om (Shrimp and Fried Egg Sour Soup) with many photos! 2. Pad Phet Sator (Bean Pod … Read more