Top 5 Strange Thai Foods We Love!

Most people think Thai food is very healthy because in one dish you will get all kinds of food nutrients, vitamins from vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates from the main ingredients, meat, and rice. If I ever thought about the unhealthiest or strangest foods we have here, I would think of these five. The thing is, … Read more

Thai Food Lifehack – Rice Cooker Hole Fixer!

Lifehack: Rice Cooker with Hole in It? Fix it! Recently we went riceless for a few weeks. Apparently, I had burnt a hole in the rice cooker somehow. It’s an aluminum bowl that fits into the electric cooker and it’s fairly thick. HOW it gets a hole, I’m not sure. But it did. So, being … Read more

Some Interesting History of Thailand and Thai Food Facts

Two kids walking on the beach on Phuket Island in Southern Thailand.

A Little Bit About the History of Thailand History Thailand was called Siam starting in 1939. Thailand as a country has never been colonized by a foreign nation unlike Laos, Cambodia and other Asian countries. Thailand’s culture, politics, economics and social aspects have all changed in a great procession of steps. Thailand’s development started in … Read more

What to Eat for Breakfast in Southern Thailand?

What to Eat for Breakfast in Thailand? Actually, this is Southern Thailand – so the foods are available here – but possibly you’ll really have to look for them in exactly this form in Northeast or Northern Thailand. Bangkok should have these readily available. Finding the right food to eat when you’re visiting Thailand can … Read more

Thai Food in a Global Market

Stir fried pak boong and shrimp, with some mushrooms. Aroy Maak! (Very delicious Thai food!) [Page updated 5 September 2023] Thai Food Globally! Though most people believe in the uniqueness of traditional Thai cooking, and in the idea of an authentic Thai cuisine, in reality, Thai food is the product of the interaction between nations … Read more