Kai Dang Kem (Thai Salted Red Duck Eggs)

Kai Dang Kem (Salted Red Egg Yolk) Kai = chicken or egg. Dang = red. Kem = salty. Preparation for Kai Dang Kem Eggs – 20 Duck Eggs1 cup salt2 cups clean water1 big jar1 big bowl Salted Duck Egg Cooking Instructions 1. Dissolve salt into the clean water and boil it. 2. When the … Read more

Thai Eggs | Preserved Egg with Horse Pee? (Kai Yiew Ma)

Kai Yiew Ma – Preserved Egg Nah! You are fooled by the title of my post! Yes, the name of this egg is literally translated as Preserved Eggs with Horse’s Pee! But it actually has nothing to do with the horse Pee. As I looked up on the internet, Kai Yiew Ma is originally and … Read more

Thai Eggs Recipe | Potash Preserved Eggs in Spicy & Sour Salad (Yum Kai Jeauw Maa)

Potash Preserved Eggs with Spicy and Sour Salad, Yum Kai Jeauw Maa   Prepare: 2 eggs that were preserved in potash or ammonia (Kai Jeauw Maa) 1 cup crumb 1/2 cup water 3 tbsp. wheat flour 2 cups vegetable oil 3 tbsp. lemon juice 2 tbsp. fish sauce 1 tbsp. sugar 1 tbsp. minced chili … Read more

Thai Food Recipe: Potash Preserved Eggs

<h2>Potash Preserved Eggs, in Thai Kai Jeauw Maa</h2> Prepare: 15 Eggs from duck 200g. salt 120g. soda ash 30g. Chinese black tea 300g. lime (whitewash) 1g. zinc oxide 2 liters drinking water 3 thin stick (same length as the container’s width) Kaolin Paste   Preservation Instructions: 1. Clean the eggs very well. Leave them drain … Read more

Pad Priao Wan (Sour and Sweet Stir Fry)

Pad Priao Wan (Sour and Sweet Stir Fry) Pad Priao Wan (Sour and Sweet Stir-Fry) Prepare: 5 tomatoes (each one cut 4 times) 10 big shrimps (peeled, de-veined, cleaned and cooked) 1/4 cup cut onion 1/4 cup cut sweet peppers (yellow, green and red) 1/4 cup sliced pineapple 10-12 partridge eggs (boiled and peeled) 1 … Read more

Thai Food Dessert: Kha-Nom Mo Gaeng (Egg Custard Pudding)

Kha-nom Mo Gaeng – Egg Custard Pudding Prepare: 2 cups coconut cream 6 duck’s eggs 1 tbsp. wheat flour 1/2 tsp. salt 1 and 1/4 cup palm sugar 1 cup fried onion (slice onion thinly and fried until it turn brown)   Cooking Instructions: 1. Well mix the coconut cream, palm sugar and wheat flour. … Read more